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Traditional boxer trunks are not designed to keep your equipment sufficiently in place. We wanted to change that, and have developed what we believe are the most comfortable boxer trunks ever made. We have worked hard and long to find the perfect cut. Comfyballs trunks are tailored using flat-lock seams and super soft oeko-tex certified fabrics for superior comfort and breathability, and all models incorporates our own PackageFront™, designed for ultimate comfort by reducing heat transfer and restricting movement


Package Front™ is designed to keep your equipment in place, while being lifted away from the inside of your thighs, preventing unnecessary heating of the balls. Extremely curved panels combined with innovative use of elastic fabric seams lift the user experience to a new level!

The size of the PackageFront ™ is the same regardless of the size of the boxer trunk. There is no (statistically significant) relationship between a person's penis size and height / weight / other body parts. There is a weak correlation between testicular volume and weight / height / BMI. Because the volume range is limited, and because the PackageFront ™ is made of an extremely elastic material, you can be assured that the PackageFront™ will fit you.

Reduced Heat Transfer

By placing your equipment in the PackageFront ™, you reduce heat transfer from your thighs to your balls. Colder balls may improve sperm count, which can cause your future offspring to become smarter than they otherwise would have been.

Balls Squeeze Avoidance

By lifting your equipment away from between your legs, you reduce the risk of balls discomfort. You won't have to manually adjust their position, which is a good thing, although you might miss it at first.

Oeko-Tex Certified

Is your assurance that comfyballs are produced by environmentally friendly production methods and without any harmful substances, either for the environment or for you as a user.

* Note:Some may find the initial feeling of the equipment being kept in place to be different than what they're used to. Also note that the balls are somewhat more exposed due to the PackageFront™ than what they typically are using more loose-fitting underwear. Therefore, use with caution when playing football or any other contact sports.

Our sizing maxes out at XXL (36-38). Try the Comfyballs Fit Program if you plan to go down in size